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Grand Theatre Geneve – Something That You Must Not Overlook!

The name itself says it all. Yes, grand theatre Geneve is magnificent and one of the iconic destinations of Geneva. When it comes to enjoy and plan out for something here in Geneva then the first thing that comes in the mind or the first thing that someone will suggest you will be the Grand Theatre Geneve. It is really famous and one of the most loved stage all across the globe.

As we all know theatres have their own history and there is no exact fact as for when it was started. This venue is one such example. It was constructed in the year 1879 and is more than a hundred years old. So, by this, you can imagine as for how huge and how illustrious it can be. If you are planning for Geneva then this location should be on your travel list. There is no chance or excuse for you to miss the show here or you will end up with a major regret.

Grand Theatre Geneve has Geneva growing and developing and with time it has faced many challenges too, the venue that one see over here is not that which was created long ago. The original theatre got devastated with fire in the year 1951 and it took almost a decade for its reconstruction and was made open for public in the year 1961.

By this only you can assume as how much loss it has suffered. But the story does not end here, it is still undergoing reconstruction and is said to be re-opened next year that is in 2019. No need to feel sad as you can still watch out the shows, as everything has been accumulated in Opera des Nations. You will get to see all the shows on the given date and time.

Grand Theatre Geneve will fulfil your emotions and expectation with loads of fun and activities. Here you will get to see the shows that are not only unusual but are unique too. You will not believe there are many legendary artists who are still waiting to perform on this stage. Yes, it is the dream of them to show their talent here. So, what are you thinking about; come down to http://eventsgeneva.ch/ and list out the shows. Our website will not only give you the details plus you can choose your seats too. For any help do connect with our chat team.

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